Director: Yvonne Veger

Interim/Project Manager and Consultant 


Change management

Inbound, in house centers

Interdisciplinary background and approach

Hands on and visionary

Insourcing after outsourcing

Skills and mottos

Ability, audacity to put relations to the test for the good of getting goals, mission statement implemented

True affinity to real good customer experience

How you treat your employees determines how they treat your customers

Customers feel if you do it just for the money

Give a break from time to time

Say sorry

  • National Institute for Education of the Automotive Sector 
    • Set up of New Customer Care Centre
  • Internet Service Provider
    • Migration of Hosting Service to subsidiary and embedding plus commercial expansion
  •  National Pensioners' Fund (600K members)
    • Startup of New Customer Service, operational within 3 months, 400K calls per year
  •  National Pensioners' Fund (600K members)
    • Interim Management for Customer Service at same National Pensioners' Fund plus embedding in organization, streamlining fulfillment and start of outbound traffic


Yvonne holds an MBA and JD Degree and has completed a postgraduate course in interim management.


Yvonne has held various management and commercial positions in a wide range of sectors. Before venturing out as self employed she was a call centre manager for high level inbound centres in the automotive sector. Her interdisciplinary background, passion for American attitude to customer service and drive to change things for the better for customers and employees makes her an effective and committed project/interim manager for the customer care sector.

Skills & Expertise

  • Change Management
  • Interim Management
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Outsourcing
  • People Management
  • Consultancy
  • Team Building
  • Reorganization Logistics
  • Customer Relations Budgeting
  • Management Consulting Contact Centre
  • Inbound
  • Start-ups
  • Foreign Languages: Native Dutch
  • Speaks and writes English fluently, lived in America for several years and now residing in London


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+44 7415 277 063